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Review: Closure by Larry Quartley

Goodreads Synopsis:
For Zachary Taylor it’s about to get personal... CLOSURE sees a detective who can't let go of the past or the part he played in the murder of his old DCI. Investigating the brutal rape and murder of a young woman, whose death pulls the past into the here and now... In 2003 Detective Chief Inspector Charlie Benner was gunned down when he and other officers were caught up in a shooting frenzy between rival drug gangs. Zachary Taylor was among the first to arrive at the bloodbath. He worked the case - desperate for a conviction - but in the end his chief suspect, James Black, and the faceless guilty walked away, sticking two fingers up at the justice system. For Taylor the case remained unsolved. Seven years later, Taylor is investigating the murder of Stella Kerr - whose boyfriend, Steve Lamb, charged with the heinous crime had gone on the run. Taylor quickly learns that in Lamb there is a connection to the past and James Black. He believes the same dark forces responsible for the slaying of his old DCI are behind the drug fuelled murder of Stella Kerr.
It's been a while since I last read a thriller. The book cover caught my eye but I wasn't sure whether I would like the book. As it turned out, this book surpassed my expectations. 
The book opens with a murder of an innocent young woman, Stella Kerr. His boyfriend, who is accused of the murder, is on the run. As Taylor connects the dot he figures that James Black might be the culprit behind the murder, a man who supposedly murdered Taylor's former DCI Charlie Benner in the past. Black is the person Taylor is so eager to bring down and see behind bars. But, are his suspicions right? But there are certain powers that do not want Taylor to bring the true murderer out in the open.

The story didn't grab my attention immediately. After the horrible murder at the start of the book, I didn't want to continue the book (but I did). May be it was somewhere in the middle of the book that I really began enjoying the mystery. The only thing that I was a bit uncomfortable about was that toward the end the book picked up pace, everything starts happening faster. The end was surprising and proved me entirely wrong. So, based on the story, I'm giving this book a 5-star. Overall, I think it's a good book which deserves more appreciation.

My favorite characters were Zachary Taylor. To my disappointment, Steve Lamb, the most talked about character in the book (besides Black), made a very short appearance in the book. As a book reader, there are some characters that we loved to hate. The character I hated the most was Tasha, Taylor's longtime on and off girlfriend. 

"He could feel tears build then run down his cheeks as he stared hard at the lifeless and bloodied body of his old boss Charlie Benner. Eyes still pleading for closure."
-- Closure by Larry Quartley (p. 35) 
"He'd attended his fair share of murder scenes, but none had affected him or stayed with him the way Charlie Benner's had. Weeks turned into months of sleepless and nightmarish nights, where he’d imagined he was the one pulling the trigger."
-- Closure by Larry Quartley (p. 71)

'Of course you could - you’re a powerful woman with all the right contacts. Power and money, an evil mix in the wrong hands, and from where I’m sitting yours look toxic.'
-- Closure by Larry Quartley (p. 272)

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