Saturday, August 30, 2014

Review: Deadly Errors by Allen Wyler

[medical thriller]
Neurosurgeon Tyler Mathews' life turns upside down when an FBI official makes a sudden and unexpected visit at his hospital. As a result, Tyler nearly loses his professional license. He has to go complete a drug rehab program and his wife, Nancy, leaves him. Although it does sound like a very positive start but this is how the book Deadly Errors opens.

Back to the story, almost a year after the incident, we find Tyler working at Seattle's Maynard Medical Center. Tyler becomes concerned when one of his patients dies to a radiation overdose. It doesn't take him long that to find out that a flaw in the hospital's electronic medical record system (EMR), Med-InDx, is responsible for his patient's death. Apparently, a hacker job or a software bug in the system has been taking lives of patients at Maynard. But can Tyler prove it? Moreover, if the press gets wind of it, it will ruin Med-InDx (the maker of the EMR) financially, especially when the company is about to launch its IPO. Tyler, who had barely recovered from his former life, now finds himself in serious trouble. Some corporate forces will go to any extent to silence the 38-yr-old neurosurgeon who now has all the evidence to destroy the reputation of Med-InDx.

I was offered this ebook for review consideration by A+B Editions. I must tell you that this is a medical thriller and although it contained some medical terms, it didn't stop me from liking the book. After reading this, I think maybe I should read more medical thrillers. The book tells us that Tyler is eager to start over with his wife, an Asian described as a bit quirky and one who had a strong prejudice against taking medication. Unfortunately, we don't know a lot about Tyler and Nancy's marriage life. Over all, this book was a great read. Not only it highlights a genuine problem of preventable medical errors in the healthcare system, but also reflects the dark side of the corporate world.
Author, Allen Wyler, is a known brain surgeon. His next medical thriller, Deadly Odds, is expected to launch in September. You can visit the author's website or A+B Editions to find out more about his other works.
Quote from the Book:
“Jill asked Tyler, ‘Can you think of anything you might’ve forgotten?’
Stupid question, Tyler thought. How would I know if I’d forgotten it?”
-- Deadly Errors by Allen Wyler (p. 277-78)

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