Monday, January 31, 2011

Partners in Crime by Agatha Christie (Short Story Collection)

A blend of thrill and humor, 'Partners in Crime' was the first Tommy & Tuppence mystery book I ever laid my hand upon.
The crime solving couple, Tommy & Tuppence get an opportunity to do some detective work, as Mr. Carter offers them to run International Detective Agency; Tommy assuming the role of Mr. Theodore Blunt and Tuppence playing the part of secretary, Miss Robinson. The book is a short story collection in which th husband wife duo solve murder case, round up gangs, find hidden treasure, deal with jewel robbery and other unusual cases. The book closes with Tommy saving Tuppence from a man called No. 16.
I enjoyed the very much.

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  1. Yeah.. Its a good book with a great story. Do you like Sidney Sheldon's books and Enid Blyton's??


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