Saturday, June 11, 2011

Timon's Tide by Charles Butler

Daniel can't believe his brother actually died six years ago. The body was found on the shore, his face half-eaten. It was identified as Timon's immediately after it was found. There were several loopholes in the story the then 10-year-old Daniel was told by his mother and step-father. Of course, the dead body could simply be of anyone else'.

Daniel cannot help thinking that Timon could be out there far away from home waiting for him. His company with strange people made his death an unresolved mystery. Daniel is trying to figure out how Timon ended up being dead; his wild guess firm that Timon isn't dead at all. However, there could be a number of people who may have wanted Timon dead. And one night he actually finds Timon, barely recognizable after six long years. Would life be any better now? But soon the relationship of brotherly affection between them will drag his family to danger.
I finished the book in two sittings. It was really difficult to figure out the relationship between the two brothers. While sometimes it would be brotherly love where Timon would be acting like an older brother and trying to save Daniel, at other times pushing him to danger. It was a great book though.

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