Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fixing Cupid by Cristian YoungMiller

Meet Ben Bonner. Aged 37 and a lawyer by profession. Life doesn't seem to be doing him justice as his yet another relationship breaks up. The only thing missing in his life is 'true love.' Ben approaches his best friend Carey who recommends Ben to move into an apartment with Jack, the modern day Cupid. Yes, although he may not look like it, Jack is really a Cupid, making people falling in love with each other. If you live with him, you'll end up finding the love of your life. Of course, Ben doesn't believe this myth.
Cupid seems to be doing his job right when Ben eventually meets Anna, a beautiful woman in her 30s. But soon he realizes that life with Jack as a 'roommate' is not easy as Ben gets into one trouble after another. And somehow, in his frustration, and without realizing he causes the Cupid to break. Since the Cupid is broken, nobody in the world would ever love again. And what about Ben? And now Ben has to accept this seemingly impossible task of fixing the Cupid again. For everyone's sake.  

Fixing Cupid
I received an electronic copy of this book through the Library Thing Giveaway for an honest review. The book is really a fun and interesting read filled with humor. However, there were bits and pieces in the story which I found a bit boring. I constantly feel that there was something missing in the book. The characters were really great. Ben was a kind of person getting into one trouble after another without his own fault. Then there comes Carey and Chip, the characters I really like. Carey is Ben's ex-fiancee and this revelation to her fiancee Chip spices up matters a bit among the threesome.

My Rating:
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*Book cover from LibraryThing

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  1. This one sounds rather cute :)
    Nice review


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