Sunday, September 4, 2011

Only The Lonely (From the Files of Madison Finn #1) by Laura Dower

Madison is all too nervous about starting a 7th grade at Far Hills Junior High School. Her best friends, Aimee and Egg, are away at summer camps, her parents got divorced the year before, and now Madison nothing to do except to spend her remaining summer holidays with her Mom and her pug Phin. In short, she is feeling like "Only the Lonely."

But not for long. A new girl moves in the neighborhood and become friends with Madison. Moreover, Madison finds an online key pal, Big Wheels, who lives all in Washington. No more boring days for Madison. They talk about their families, old friends, school, and, most important, about boys. However, Madison's best friend Aimee is about to come home for summer camp and Madison fears that her new and old friend might not get along very well. What would Madison do now? Would 7th grade change Madison's life altogether?

I love Laura Dower's Madison Finn books but this first book in the series is just a little bit boring. Although the later books in the series are really great. But it wasn't as good as the starter in the series should be. If you're trying Madison Finn books for the first time, don't pick this book as your starter.
Madison is a 7th-grade girl with divorced parents. The series is about Madison's life and how she copes with her family, friends, enemies, and of course, boys. The fun thing is that Madison loves to write about her life in files on her laptop (sort of a diary). Madison's life will probably remind of your school days. This series is great for children.

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