Saturday, August 3, 2013

Finders and Keepers by Catrin Collier

I don't normally read romance, and picked up this book for a bit of light-reading. Or maybe it was the book title that attracted me a little.
Although I liked the message of the story, but I didn't like the story itself. The message is worth giving a thought: it's not only about finding the right person for you, it's also about keeping them in your life.
Harry belongs to a large wealthy family, whereas Mary Ellis is an orphan who lives with his siblings, trying to make ends meet. The Ellis children are under heavy debt. The young Harry is willing to help them. And then there's the beautiful Diana, a medical student.

There are a lot of coincidences happening in the book, which drift the story a little away from reality. I was also hoping for a twist in the end, but contrary to my expectations, everything went smoothly. At some point, I felt like that the book was only about "Harry" getting married, or more appropriately finding a bride for himself.
My favorite character from the book was Toby, an artist, who becomes acquainted with Harry. Maybe I liked him because he talked more sense than the hero, Harry. The end of the book is a sort of a "happliy every after."
You might as well read this book, but don't expect too much from it.
Are you going to marry her and breed a column of solemn-faced lecturers who'll think it their duty to bore the world?” (p. 145)
'She's nice, Harry,' Bella said, as Diana went ahead of them into the castle. 'She is,' Harry Agreed. 'Oh-oh,' Joey muttered. 'Oh-oh, what?' Harry demanded irritably. 'Victor,' Joey nudged his brother in the ribs, 'I think our nephew is in love.' 'There's no "think" about it, he is,' Tobby chipped in to Harry's annoyance. (p. 228)
“Out of all the women in the world you've been fortunate to find the right one for you, Harry. But will you be doubly blessed and fortunate enough to keep her?” (p. 473)
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