Thursday, February 6, 2014

Quotes from "The Lucky One" by Nicholas Sparks

This is my second attempt at reading Nicholas Sparks. I read "At First Sight" earlier before this but didn't like it that much.
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His ex-wife used to do that, too. That woman treated dogs like people, which should have warned him to stay away from her in the first place. (p. 9)

Stick two different people with two different sets of expectations under one roof and it ain't always going to be shrimp and grits on Easter.” (p. 42)

The Marine Corps is based on the number 3. It was one of the first things they taught you in basic training. Made things easy to understand. Three marines made a fire team, three fire teams made a squad, three squads made a platoon, three platoons made a company, three companies made a battalion, and three battalions made a regiment. On paper, anyway.” (p. 54)

Take any three people, stick them together, and they're going to have differences. No surprise there.” (p. 55)

I've never been good with names. I got hit in the head with a baseball when I was a kid, and my memory doesn't work so good. (p. 77)

How're the Braves doing?
Like a bunch of carrots.
Is that good or bad?
Can carrots play baseball?
I guess not.
Then you have your answer. (p. 84)

Are you telling me that you walked all the way from Colorado?
You don't think that's odd?
I suppose it depends on the reason.
What's your reason?
I like to walk.
I see. (p. 91)

Even if he was a sociopath, even if the guy left town, feelings aren't turned on and off like a switch. But they would pass as surely as the rain would continue to fall. (p. 345)

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