Friday, August 29, 2014

Book #Quotes from "Deadly Errors" by Allen Wyler

It was sometime last year when I started sharing my favorite quotes from the books I read and liked. For some reason the Goodreads quotes don't work for me. Anyway, here are some of the phrases I liked from a medical thriller I recently read. I'm glad that I liked this book.
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[medical thriller]

Got an ache? Chew a weed, but don’t take ibuprophen. (p. 58)

In San Francisco she occasionally visited Chinese fortune-tellers, although claiming to not take their forecasts seriously. Tyler didn’t believe it for a second, suspecting she’d rescheduled her entire thesis defense because of one such prediction.” (p. 58)

How much do you know about computers? She considered this a moment before answering, “The sum total of my knowledge is how to turn them on and off and use e-mail. (p. 105)

The eastern sky glowed the first orange-red streaks of dawn. Traffic remained sparse. The start of another Seattle Sunday morning. To Tyler it looked as bleak as his future.” (p. 250)

He remembered the story he heard shortly after moving here and taking a city tour. How after the original city burned, a new city had been built on top of the old one.” (p. 272)

Jill asked Tyler, Can you think of anything you might’ve forgotten?
Stupid question, Tyler thought. How would I know if I’d forgotten it? (p. 277-78)

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