Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Phil of the Future: Blast from the Past

"From the Hit TV Series on Disney Channel"

I've never watched this TV series. I used to be more glued to Nickelodeon than Disney. Phil of the Future is a comedy series focused on Diffy family that has time traveled to past from the year 2121. Now, they are stuck in the 21st century and trying to keep their identity hidden from the rest of the world. The Diffys have two children, Phil, a teenager boy, and a young girl, Pim.

Part 1
One morning the Diffys wake up to find out a caveman hidden in their sink cupboard. Phil wants to keep the caveman as a younger brother while Mr. Diffy is worried what would happen if the world finds out about the caveman and their true identity. Meanwhile, Pim is stuck in the weirdest slumber party of her life. Check out what means of escape she tries to get rid of the party.

Part 2
A girl called Marla has a crush on Phil. Phil has to tell her that he doesn't like before it's too late. How would Phil tell Marla this without breaking her heart? Meanwhile, Pim decides to join the school orchestra. Bradely and Debbie don't approve of her being in the orchestra. While they are planning to kick her out of the final orchestra performance, Pim has other ideas to take revenge.

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