Monday, March 7, 2011

Fun Monday -- Splurge vs Steal

Happy Fun Monday!
Fun Monday is hosted by Georgia Girls of In Good Company
Today's topic is:
Splurge vs Steal

Mar 7:  List 5 things you are willing to spend your hard-earned cash on and 5 things you would rather steal (hypothetically of course) than waste your money on.  (we already know doctors, insurance, and taxes are down right painful.)

Books-- Ever since I became a true bookaholic, I've started saving for books.
Chocolates & Fries/Chips-- Things I can't live without! I love potatoes and chocolates. I'm not weight conscious!
Earrings-- It's the only piece of jewelry I like. I love dangle earrings!
Shoes-- Some sneakers and slingbacks.
Donation-- Of course, you must give back to the society.

Handbags-- I'm never interested in buying handbags. T
Clothing-- Buying clothing takes the most time when you go shopping.
Magazines-- Since it's not entirely useful to me, I'd steal the few pages I want to read.
Medicine-- I hate medicines and I hate to buy them.

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  1. Welcome to FM...your steal list sounds pretty much like mine.

  2. A library subscription is a great way to satisfy the need for books and the occasional theft of a magazine article at once. Just borrow until you don't need them anymore! Ha!

  3. Hi Kero and welcome to another book lover. They're first on my splurge list as well. I'm with you on magazines--used to keep over 20 subscriptions but now look at magazine thumbing as time wasted when I could be reading my good books. I'm trying to figure out if I've seen you on the Teaser Tuesday book meme?

  4. As a fellow reader, I too have no problem buying books--I collect them and dejunk periodically. I've got clothes shopping down to a science--I'm a buyer, not a shopper. We share a lack of interest in handbags--those Miche bags are pretty cool, tho. Do you actually tear out the pages from a magazine, like at a Dr's office? Oh, my! :)

  5. Stealing magazine was hypothetically of course.
    I only read magazines when I'm at a place outside home and where I've to wait for someone. So I kill time reading the pages of my interest. But I'm so forgetful that I'm may bring the magazine home with myself.

  6. My husband, who doesn't travel anymore, had some skymiles to get rid of, and magazines was a way to use up some miles, so I signed up for a few... and never read them. I used to read them all the time, but hve completely lost interest in the kinds of things magazines have in them. didn't know that until I realized I wasn't reading ANY of the ones coming that I thought I would be interested in.

    I hate shopping. Unless it's a home improvement store, book store or office supply store, I'm not into it. I wear clothes because society demands that I do (though I'm not a nudist, I'm just not interested in fashion). And I carry a purse because I have stuff I have to take with me. Usually, they come from Wal-Mart or somewhere like that and don't cost more than $20. I am very anti-spending for no good reason.


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