Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sin City (CSI: Crime Scene Investigation #2) by Max Allan Collins

Lynn Pierce is having a difficult time with her husband and daughter. When she goes missing one day leaving behind a tape recording of her husband's threat to cut Lynn into pieces, her husband, Owen, becomes the clear suspect. Not along after her disappearance a part of a woman's body is found in Lake Mead. Does it belong to Lynn?
On the other side, Catherine and Sara are solving a case of a professional stripper, Jenna Patricks, who is strangled in the club she worked in, supposedly by her boyfriend. Find out how Gil Grissom, Jim Brass, Catherine Willows, Nick Stokes, Warrick Brown, and Sara Sidle uncover the dirty secrets behind the two crime scenes.

Sin City  is a thrilling novel based on the hit TV series, CSI (Crime Scene Investigation). The story was gripping which had me glued till the end. There are two crime cases and the CSI team splits into two teams to investigate them. Although you'll pretty much be able to figure out the bad guy, your guess is likely to be wrong. As usual, the criminals appear to have a clean alibi and the CSI team has to work hard to gather evidence pointing towards them. Lynn's murder was so horrible and brutal that will probably make you vomit. I wouldn't recommend this book if you're a weak-hearted person and can't handle horrible murder scenes. Jenna Patricks murder leads the reader to a real dirty mess. All over, I enjoyed this book and I'm looking forward to read more books from the CSI novel series.

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