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Quotes from "Northlight" by Deborah J Ross

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Yesterday I reviewed Northlight by Deborah Wheeler/Deborah J Ross and I guessed you might also like to read teasing quotes from the book. Although I've never read the author before but this book has turned out to be my favorite. I recommend this book to all fantasy lovers.

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Following are some great quotes from the book:

Up and up we went, one shivering, dogged step after another, woman and mare. My fingers had gone numb, laced in her mane, and I could no longer tell if she pulled me along or the other way round.
p. 9
As we neared the crest, I squinted up at the sky, as white and airless as if some vengeful god had sucked it dry. I reminded myself there were no gods here in Laurea, vengeful or otherwise.
p. 9

It was past dark when I reached the city and I’d mostly shoved my ghosts back into their graves. I let the gray mare pick her own pace and browse in the grain fields along the way.
p. 13
Despite the chill of the morning, a bead of sweat trickled down the back of his neck, yet he gave no sign he’d felt it. Instead, he kept his eyes fixed on the Starhall, as if by will alone he could wrest some secret from it.
p. 47
He blinked and saw her again, one image overlaid on the next, past, present and future blurring together. Again she stood on a dais, again bare-headed, but now in sunshine so clear and bright it turned her hair to silver-white.
p. 71
Avi... It was like calling up a ghost, her memory. The touch of her lips on my hair. The smile in her rainwater eyes, the slow turning of her head. Away from me, always away from me and toward the twist of sunlight.
p. 251
No pain, and yet I was screaming as I heaved myself to my feet and down the trail again. Screaming, cursing, anything but weeping, for never again must there be tears, no never again...
p. 263
All of them circled the point on which he stood, linked to him in ways he could not understand — not yet.
p. 300
He stared at Esmelda with a face like glass, nothing hidden. What I saw there wasn’t steel or fire or stone. Feelings stirred in me and I had to look away. I knew what I saw because I’d felt them, too — understanding, sadness, compassion...forgiveness.
p. 514
Stung, I lifted my eyes to his and saw them as if for the first time. Eyes the color of rain, soft as dew and strong enough to etch a mountainside. Tears shimmered there — tears, ay Mother! Or maybe they were in my own eyes.

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