Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Good Day to Die by Simon Kernick

Dennis Milne, an ex-cop and a British assasin on the run, is living a peaceful life in Phillipines under his false name "Mick Kane," that is until he finds out about the death of his ex-colleague Asif Malik, murdered back in London. Dennis decides to go back to avenge Malik's death despite knowing that by returning to his hometown he would be putting himself in danger. He arrives in London all alone, single-handedly against what might come against him. He came to know about Emma, a journalist investigating the same case, and asks for her help. Chasing down Malik's murderers eventually leads Dennis to a gang of paedophiles, which also includes some high-profile people.

Asif Malik was a hard-working and honest police officer who Dennis once mentored in his early days as a cop. Malik's upward career trajectory actually helps Dennis ease the pain of his guilt that he wasn't a bad man at all, and that he has done something "good" too. There were a few parts of the book which I didn't want to read, for example, Milne's interview with Dr. Cheney about the girl Ann, and the stuff about the paedophiles. I didn't like the character of Emma too. This is the second book of the Dennis Milne series, but you won't have any trouble if you read it first (I didn't either). The third and final book of the series is "The Payback" (Review) which is my favorite one. Despite learning the bad things about Dennis through out the book, you can't stop liking him. I really felt for Dennis when he arrives in London and remembers his old life as a cop.
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One thing that had always bugged me when I’d been a copper was knowing that the bad guys consistently had the upper hand. We not only had to find them, but we also had to gather huge amounts of evidence to bolster our case, even when we knew damn well that they were guilty.
-- A Good Day to Die by Simon Kernick (p. 90)

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