Thursday, September 12, 2013

Quotes from "A Good Day to Die" by Simon Kernick

Quotes from "A Good Day to Die" by Simon Kernick:
I loved this book and I'm sharing my favorite quotes out of it.

“The journey took me past the ramshackle stalls selling raw meat and fish, where the women gathered to barter in staccato tones; through gaggles of raucous schoolkids, heading home in their immaculate uniforms; past cheap tourist shops and girlie bars; across planks of wood that acted as bridges over the streams of effluent-laced water trailing beneath; under washing lines; through people's backyard; past noisy games of pool played under tin roofs. And all the way I nodded to people I knew, greeted a few of them by name, breathed in the hot, stinking air, and thought how much I loved this place.” (p. 34)

“I reckon the only time you ever told me the truth was when you spoke to confirm your name, and youve even managed to change that now. Or half of it, at least.” (p. 44)

“Defence lawyers and coppers rarely mix well, not when you consider that the former are always trying to fuck things up for the latter, and making far more money in the process.” (p. 54)

“One thing that had always bugged me when Id been a copper was knowing that the bad guys consistently had the upper hand. We not only had to find them, but we also had to gather huge amounts of evidence to bolster our case, even when we knew damn well that they were guilty.” (p. 90)

“Tonight I felt like a stranger visiting for the first time. There was none of the familiarity Id been expecting, no explosion of memories as the taxi crossed the boudaries and the familiar buildings sprang up like monoliths on either side of the road. Only the odd unsettling sensation that my time here was something from another, barely remembered life.” (p. 95)

“My coffee arrived and I thanked the waitress with a smile that she didnt return. Id forgotten what an impolite city London could be.” (p. 104)

Let a criminal commit a small crime unchecked, and hell commit a second, larger one the next day, and be a lot bolder when he does it.” (p. 137)

“It was, I thought, one of the terrible injustices of life that as a man grows older he still experiences the same sort of desire for attractive young women that hes always had, and yet, at the same time, age makes him become steadily less attractive to them. Im not a bad-looking bloke, but I look my age, and in ten years time, if Im still here, Im going to look fifty. (p. 159)

“I rang off, stood for a while staring at the spindly bare trees in front of me as they rose up like gnarled, many-fingered hands in the winter night; wondering if Id done the right thing by coming here and tearing up the past.” (p. 437)

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