Thursday, October 31, 2013

Quotes from "Angels and Demons" by Dan Brown

This book had been lying in my cupboard for a long time, and I finally felt myself in the right mood to read it. I really enjoyed it, and really regret not reading it earlier.
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‘Five kilometers to the lab,’ the pilot said. ‘I’ll have you there in two minutes.’ Langdon searched in vain for a seat belt. Why not make it three and get us there alive? (p. 33)

“Staring up at her from the floor, discarded like a piece of trash, was an eyeball. She would have recognized that shade of hazel anywhere. (p. 110)

His reflection in the glass seemed mocking, like the image staring back at him this morning from his bay window. An aging ghost. (p. 242)

He could still hear his father speaking the old New England aphorism: If it wasn't painfully difficult, you did it wrong. Langdon hoped the saying was false. (p. 251)

“Rookie Lieutenant Chartrand stood in the back of the room wishing he had been among the 99 per cent of applicants who had not qualified to be here. At twenty years old, Chartrand was the youngest guard on the force. (p. 268)

‘Ever fire anything other than a tranquilizer gun?’
‘Dont you trust me?’
‘Trust you? I barely know you.’
Vittoria frowned. ‘And here I thought we were newlyweds.’ (p. 271)

“She found an inexplicable refuge in his eyes ... like the harmony of the oceans she had left behind early that morning. She was glad he was there. (p. 278)

“Stand tall, smile bright, and let 
em wonder what secrets making you laugh. (p. 288)

“Sculptors like Bernini created miniatures in clay and hired others to enlarge them into marble. Langdon knew that if Bernini had been required to personally complete all of his commissions, he would still be working today. (p. 373)

“Langdon had often heard that intense situations could unite two people in ways that decades together often did not. He now believed it. (p. 439)

“Feeling his initial surge of confidence decay, Langdon stood a moment and took stock of his pitiful state — covered in bone dust, cut, deliriously exhausted, and hungry. (p. 445-446)

“In the blackness, Langdon sensed the ghost of Galileo, climbing these very stairs, eager to share his visions of heaven with other men of science and faith. (p. 479)

“As the chaos grew, an old illuminati quote echoed with new meaning: A flawless diamond, born of the ancient elements with such perfection that all those who saw it could only stare in wonder.
Langdon knew now the myth was true. (p. 519-520)

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