Thursday, November 21, 2013

Angels and Demons by Dan Brown


Robert Langdon, a 45-year old Harvard professor, is summoned for help when a renowned scientist, Leonardo Vetra, is found mysteriously dead branded with the mark of "Illuminati". Apparently, Illuminati, an ancient brotherhood has to rise again to seek its centuries-old revenge from the Vatican. What's worse, the papal conclave is underway at the Vatican, and four of the cardinals are missing.
We need to:
1. Catch the killer.
2. Find a nuclear weapon stolen from the scientist's lab, one with massive destructive power.
3. Find the missing cardinals.
Robert, along with Vittoria (daughter of the deceased scientist) arrives in Rome as they find that the entire Vatican city is sitting on a time-bomb. Both of them chase the clue across the Rome to catch the assassin, find the missing cardinals, and to solve the illuminati mystery. This book is filled with enough twists and turns to make your head go crazy.
My favorite secondary character was, Lieutenant Chartrand, a 20-year old Swiss guard. He has a very brief role in the book involved in search of the nuclear weapon. Vittoria was unlike my imagination of a normal scientist. She didn't wore glasses, wasn't that boring either. The most amazing thing was that this 600+ page story falls in a single day. I love fast-paced mysteries so this one worked just fine for me.
The book was first recommended to me by my Physics teacher more than 5 years ago. Although it sounded intriguing back then, I took it as a sci-fi and never read it. Earlier this year, I bought a copy and it kept lying in my cupboard untouched. I'm very much drawn to historical fiction and so this illuminati philosophy sounded really intriguing to me.  Although it turned out be my favorite, it was disappointing to find out that some of the facts in the book weren't correct at all. 
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‘Five kilometers to the lab,’ the pilot said. ‘I’ll have you there in two minutes.’ Langdon searched in vain for a seat belt. Why not make it three and get us there alive?
-- Angels and Demons by Dan Brown (p. 33)

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