Thursday, October 10, 2013

Stardust by Neil Gaiman

The best thing about the book is that despite being a fairy tale there is no traditional "happily ever after" ending (something I've grown to hate). In fact, we learn that death is inevitable. There's also a tiny bit of sadness in the last few ending lines. I liked this book right from the beginning. Secondly, there is no love-at-first-sight between Tristran and Yvain which is how I prefer in books. In the end, I had wanted Tristran and Yvain to settle in the human world after the eventful and magical adventure but the ending suited me just fine.
My favorite secondary character was the "the little hairy man," a funny character full of humor. It was quite unexpected the way Giaman worked out the "Two Mondays coming together" (a sort of spell that would relieve Una from his servitude) and I had to laugh at the idea.
Back in teenage, I read an interview of Neil Gaiman published in a local newspaper along with the review of Stardust. I vaguely remember Gaiman's words: "It's a fairy tale to make you feel happy." I fell in love with the book title and the cover, but then as I grew up it went at the back of my mind. I had listened to Take That's song "Rule the World" innumerable times but I never knew it was actually Stardust's sound track, until one day when googled the song. I bought a copy of of the book after that, one Sunday and it remained lying in my cupboard until I picked up to read it recently when I was in the perfect mood for a fairy tale.
I do regret now that I didn't read Stardust or any of Neil Gaiman's books earlier.
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‘Well,’ he said, ‘f’r example, if they ask where you’ve come from, you could say “Behind me,” and if they asked where you’re going, you’d say “In front of me.”’ ‘I see,’ said Tristran, unimpressed.
-- Stardust by Neil Gaiman (p. 63)

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  1. I only watched the movie. Thx for the review

    1. Well, I haven't watched the movie yet. Hope it's as good as the book itself :)


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