Thursday, July 18, 2013

Bleeding Heart Square by Andrew Taylor

"Don't expect a good night's sleep after reading the end of this book," the book said. And it came out to be true. The book title attracted me to buy the book. The story is based on a real life criminal case, and the crime is a horrible one.
A lady called Ms Phillipa Penhow is missing, last seen at "Bleeding Heart Square." We know right from the beginning that Mr. Joe Serridge is the suspect behind her disappearance, a man with a mysterious past. The story unfolds as we read through the chapters, picking up hints here and there about the missing lady. However, all pieces of the puzzle do not get into place until you reach the last chapter.
There are other characters in the books too, and their life stories turn out to be connected with the Penhow case. It's only a turn of fate which forces Lydia Langstone (wife of a rich notable man) and Rory Wentwood (an unemployed journalist) take refuge in the Bleeding Heart Square, the place haunted with rumors in connection with the missing Miss Penhow. Both are fighting their own battles in life, and something makes Wentwood interested in the Penhow case.
I was expecting to be a detective story, but to my disappointment, it didn't turn out to be one. It was good book though. There are some shocking revelations in the end which an average reader cannot guess.

"Hearts. This is all about hearts, restless or yearning, broken or bleeding." (p. 247)
'Have you ever felt you'd be better off dead, Mr Wentwood?'
'I imagine most of us have. But think of the mess it would make.'
'Life's messy enough anyway. What's a little more here or there.' (p. 208)
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  1. I've read a couple of Andrew Taylor's books but not this one. I do like books based on true events. Another one for my TBR


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