Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Books Reviewed in September 2011

I'm way too late for this post, but I'm putting it up anyway. I'm feel really sad saying that although I read so many books in August/September period but could review only four. There's still a pile of book that I've read but haven't reviewed yet. The image links will directly lead you to the review.
far from the madding crowd confessions of call center gal
only the lonely fixing cupid

Far From the Madding Crowd by Thomas Hardy
My Review | AmazonGoodreads
Confessions of a Call Center Gal by Lisa Lim
My Review | AmazonGoodreads
Only the Lonely (From the Files of Madison Finn #1) by Laura Dower
My Review | AmazonGoodreads
Fixing Cupid by Cristian YoungMiller
My Review | AmazonGoodreads


  1. It is great but for pre-teen girls. I got out of my teens this year;)


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